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2016 100  paraqua datings

[55 An interesting discussion of the sur- vival of the pre-Columbian art in various places.

[57a Travel notes on Brazil, Uruguay, Ar- gentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Cuba; of value for the profuse illustra- tions, mainly of city scenes.

[61a A picture book of Chile, Bolivia and Peru, with slight accompanying text. Art in Chili and Uruguay; from a tourist's notebook {American magazine of art, Washington, v.

[62 The author rambles through the na- tional museums of Santiago and Mon- tevideo, giving most attention to the "native sculpture" of Nicanor Plaza, Virginio Arias and other Chileans. A paper read at the thirteenth annual convention of the American federation of arts.

[56b A section deals with the laces of Latin America (p.

[56c Colonial and republican coins of most of the Latin American countries, in- cluding "juras y proclamaciones de reyes", military and commemorative medals.

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