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If you want to create a ‘one-off,’ then design, print, and go.

The results will be drastically different.” Bryce Borgel, principal and lead designer, Titan Innovative Designs, agrees that 3D technology has numerous benefits, but he is also noticing a big difference when it comes to the way 3D technologies are interacting with the design industry.“This will change how we all do business in the next 20 years.” Rose explains, “3D technology, both virtual reality and 3D printing, will become society changing technologies as they mature.Whereas 2D technologies, like computer displays and the printing press, changed how we interacted with information, 3D technology changes how we will see and interact with the world.A small 3D printing company in a more rural community can provide custom parts for the locals, saving them money and time on their projects.“While 3D printing has been around since the 80s, until recently the machines were expensive, big, slow, and printed plastic only.

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