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Bornagaindating com

U sure need to do a lot more of studying God's Word to pass this one. I am of the opinion Christian courtship (if done as it should be) is the most fulfilling form of relationship there can ever be on the surface of the earth.

The problem that most people have is that there is God's way of going about it(which people term as "rules".

"Relationships between boys and girls, men and women, husbands and wives are a stretcher case," declares Wilson.

"The starting point for most of our relationships, the modern dating system, can safely be considered as bankrupt."That's an awfully strong statement, isn't it?

Pple do not like rules or any semblance of restriction at that but U have to choose between the broadway of sin(which I believe U have forsaken but which U & I must admit is more acceptable to the world) and the strait n'narrow path of the Christ life.

How can anyone challenge the very concept of dating and attack our society's whole approach to romance? But before you go on taking for granted the common acceptance of dating, please at least ask the question: Is dating dangerous?

Throughout my courtship with my fiancee, she only visited my house once. When I visited her in the flat, that she shared with friends, we always kept the room doors open.

Get busy, get preaching, get praying and playing, get sharingchidebe, now that u are a born again, ur choices in women should change as well, i think the issue here is u are still drawn to the same ladies u dated when u werent a born again christian, so open ur eyes and pray to God to help u choose the right woman for u goodluckdating as it is get odd when after a while:(sometimes as odd as a a few hours) touching - general tactile contact aint made, and advanced tactile contact aint made, it's as if touch is the criteria for levels of intimacy.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Religion / Why Is Christian Dating So Difficult? / Christian Dating In A Godly Relationship (1) (2) (3) (4) The real problem is an obvious one here.

(12413 Views) Why Is Christian Terrorism Downplayed In The U. I want to start by askin U one question though; If all U needed to pass a particular exam was to simply show up n' write your name,would U bother to study hard?

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Even if he doesn't have "bedmatics" in mind, the way guys operate these days, it is getting tougher (can you blame them? Christain dating is actually easier if you are both christains.