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The “pick up” mentality in Colombia comes down to the gentleman’s wallet. In fact, they’ve never been in and you’ll most likely disappear from the dating game faster than a ship in the ‘Triangle’ if you wear them. Colombia is a country bound together by interpersonal relationships.Look at Facebook to confirm how Colombians “like” friends and collect them by the thousands. In a country where roses rule, it’s nice to give them. A red rose generally implies passion and sexual interest.This elegant city has the hottest woman on the planet.Women in Bogota are funny, interesting and cultured.Keep alert for eyelash batting and an ear out for high pitched giggling.A dinner is not indicative of sexual interest here. Therefore, it can be tricky to spot a cheater or a player. Colombian and British cultures, particularly when it comes to genders, are spectacularly different, no matter how relatable they seem. Trust your instincts – except when you’re wasted – and be sensible.Also, this article is about men seeking to date Colombian girls. While in the United States and Europe often there is the expectation that costs will be shared, if you are a foreign guy interested in dating Colombian women, you should expect to pay for everything.

Although Bogotá may be the place of the moment, a date can go terribly wrong if you try to get to “second base” without having stepped to some salsa. It is easy to get carried away in bars and surrounded by beautiful people.

Colombia is still a very traditional culture when it comes to dating and romance.

It's also a fairly macho society, and expectations in male-female relationships reflect this.

Therefore, before you meet hot Bogota girls, you’d better learn some conversational skills so that you will stand out from the crowd who want to get Bogota ladies. This conversation shows you how to challenge a Colombian woman during your conversation with her.

It’s a great example because you have pre-framed the interaction – now in her subconscious mind, she probably wants to become your ideal girl because women are also competitive.

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