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Puccio had asked Kent to join them, which he did around p.m. Apparently Kent thought he might be able to have sex with his former girlfriend, Willis.As soon as they got there, Willis – in accordance with the plan – took Kent off to a secluded spot where they were talking. While she and Willis distracted Kent, Semenec came up and stabbed Kent in the neck with a knife, which was the first blow.Adults saw him one way (polite and charming) while the kids saw him in a completely different way." Marty Puccio is an Italian-American and was raised Roman Catholic.Kent and Puccio had known each other since third grade, had lived on the same block in Hollywood in Broward County since that time, and were good friends as adults. Puccio felt "ill-will and hatred" towards Kent because he would bully and pummel Puccio.The murder resulted in a best-selling true crime book in 1998, Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge (ISBN 0-380-72333-6), written by Jim Schutze.

Kent yelled out, "Marty, whatever I did, I'm sorry! When Kent tried to flee, Puccio, Semenec, and Derek Kaufman tackled, stabbed, and beat him.

Allegedly, Connelly decided that Kent needed to be eliminated permanently and started talking to Puccio and other friends about murdering Kent.

On July 13, 1993, Connelly called Willis and told her that "Bobby Kent was planning to come to Palm Bay (where Willis was living) to murder her and smother her baby (by a previous relationship) unless she returned to Broward County to date him again." Willis claimed Connelly asked her to come to Connelly's house to discuss murdering Bobby Kent.

On the night of July 14, around p.m., the seven joined together at Puccio's house and made their plans.

They had a lead pipe, two knives, and a baseball bat.

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Puccio then slit Kent's throat and hit his head against the ground.

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