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As long as you have a heat source, you can cook in cast iron.

In the grand scheme of self-reliance, cast iron reigns supreme.

Cook a full meal outside over your fire pit (this is an awesome outdoor fire pit and stove combo) or in the fireplace during a power outage.

Use it on a bed of hot charcoal, in camp fire embers, or on a portable wood stove (like the Emberlit or Solo Stove).

You can hand it down to your kids, and they can pass it along to their children.

Now that you know how long cast iron will last, let me ask you this — how many other pieces of cookware that you use on a regular basis do you think would last as long? Glass and Corningware gets broken, and even stainless steel has weak points at the handles sometimes.

(Spoiler alert – the cast iron is bound to be cheaper!

) Different studies will tell you different things about Teflon coating on pans. I won’t venture a guess as to whether it is actually a carcinogen or not, but for my family, cast iron is a far better option than Teflon.

That’s because if you care for cast iron cookware properly, it will virtually last forever.

You can use it on your electric range (yes, even a glass-top range — see image on right) just as well as you can a gas stove.

In fact, you can even use cast iron cookware directly over an open fire.

Cast iron is good for everyday homestead cooking as well as survival cooking in a total off-grid or SHTF situation.

In the “old days”, families would hand down their cast iron cookware from generation to generation.

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You’re not going to get any flaking from cast iron.