Irving dating single woman

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Our top priority is to prevent you from dating anyone with a violent criminal past or sexual predators.

Also, we prevent potential threats to our members, their families, and the same our staff.

But we can’t help but to take notice that there was not a single black chick in sight.

Actually, people are saying the chick sitting on the ledge of the boat was actually a black woman.

And as expected, his follow-up to the city’s championship parade was one of epic portions.

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According to a recent survey in the Wall Street Journal, 40 percent of people involved with online dating sites are married.

Word on the street is that Irving didn’t want any black women on his boat, according to a “former homie.” But there’s no concrete information to back up the allegation as of now. And if you know how folks on social media get down, then you know it became a trending topic in no time.

While some took offense to the situation, others like Charlamagne Tha God found the negative comments toward Irving to be pointless: We’re all allowed to have our tastes, preferences, and attractions to whoever, and with no concrete proof that Kyrie’s intentions were to have “no black women” aboard, it’s just simple he-say, she-say.

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