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Microsoft backdating

Reports show that Microsoft audits their customers at a 2 to 1 rate over vendors such as Adobe and IBM.

Microsoft appears to be focusing its efforts on mid-market enterprises with 500 to 2000 computers.

Audits will go back for 10 years so keeping solid documentation of your licenses, and where you bought them, will be especially helpful if you’ve changed IT companies in the past.

Microsoft will give you about 15 to 30 days to complete the audit process.

If your company is using a CA from one of these providers, you will need to update your certificates immediately.

In the blog post which you can view here, Microsoft notes that they value the CA community and only makes these decisions after careful consideration.

The company says that these providers have failed to maintain the standards required by the Trusted Root Program.

Because Microsoft tries to audit each of their Volume Licensing customers at least once every three years, receiving an audit notification doesn’t necessarily mean a business is suspected of mis-licensing.

Microsoft should not backdate previously unlicensed software unless it is clear that pirating and blatant illegal action was taken to obtain their software.

Emerset reports: “If a company cooperates and agrees to pay for licenses to become compliant, that’s usually where the process ends.

To little surprise, Microsoft does not approve of any of these violations and as such, is removing their ability to issue new certificates and invalidating their old files.

Starting on September 26th, Microsoft will begin the process of removing support for these certificates.

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You’ll need to pull a Microsoft Volume Licensing Statement.

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