Online dating medical students

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Online dating medical students

The reasons that medical students fall into the same patterns time and time again are quite simple to understand, when viewed in the proper context.

First and foremost, medical students simply don't have many opportunities to go out and socialize with non-med students.

Before anyone will let you treat patients on your own, however, you have to go for more training to become the specific kind of doctor you want to be.

The first year of it is called your intern year, or internship.

The first few years of medical school involve learning the basics of the body and things that can go wrong with it, and rotating into short stints working alongside senior doctors and healthcare teams in the fields of primary and specialty care.

But even for those who choose to find out their fate in a quiet corner of the room surrounded by those closest to them, there’s a chance to go up on stage and read out to everyone where you’re headed next.

It’s not ideal, but they’ll still be able to start residency with their classmates.

Others who don’t match to their top choices may decide to take a year off to do research, or pursue another degree, before trying again.

If two students are a couple, and are graduating and heading to residency at the same time, they can ask for a “couples match” to end up in the same hospital or city.

This makes the matching process even more complicated. Once the dust has settled on the matching process, medical schools get to download top-secret lists of which students matched to which residency program. Each letter goes into a sealed envelope which cannot be opened until noon on Match Day.

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