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You'll be pleased to hear we have 2 full days to uncover its enigmatic ways.

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The city keeps on giving today, with some free time to roam, before a guided visit to the famous Kremlin Museums, then the option to view the Romanov’s collection of Faberge Eggs, carriages, clothes and jewels at the Armoury. Say goodbye to your Contiki Squad and although it will be hard to leave Russia, the lure of another trip in the near future will get us through our post holiday blues!My age is not great, but I already know what I want from life. more »» How difficult and at the same time simple our life is.. more »» I do not expect to meet a prince or a king, I am seeking for a simple man, who is tired of being alone, who want to return love into his life, appreciation and warmth and happiness. more »» I think I’m interesting, sensitive and receptive person, I always try to see positive things in people around me. more »» I always make friends with all the friends who like to hang out with them and cheer them up, sometimes they say I'm naughty, but I think they say it kindly because they still love me, probably just be... more »» Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. On this site I set myself the goal of finding a person. I do not like to sit in one place, I live by the princ... but how difficult its sometimes to choose the way that is right.. As about me, I could say that I`m very family-oriented woman and a...For clarity, when talking about ‘Russian domestic train tickets’ these are tickets where the start and end points of the journey are both within the Russian Federation.It is important to note that the following tariff and discount rules are not available on trains that are part of the Dynamic Price Policy, details on which can be found here.

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